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Some thoughts about cartography:

Since smartphones took a part in our daily lives, cartography did too.

We're using mobile online maps not only to navigate, but also for finding local businesses. Big online companies that provide (free) map services are shaping the world we live in.

Online search results are subject to critical thinking. Advertising awareness, ranking mechanisms, data privacy and worth of your own data becoming a part of surfing the daily internet.

Map provider like Google are using ranking algorithms to show you relevant search results. Google's local ranking mainly depends, among other 'Signals', on the diligent completion of the locations "Google My Business" account and their prominence on the world wide web. The best practices on SEO apply (Search Engine Optimization). "Ratings and Reviews" are just one of many signals, and they are less important as you think maybe!

... and in times when people start to think about how big online companies influence their lives and decisions. This idea is an alternativ approach to advertising, non-transparency, the massive collection of user data, our strange rating society and 'Signals' taking away our job of judgment!

Finally, its always good to find a bar with pool table the easy way! :-)

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